Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Sundries

Several sundry things, Job thoughts, church thoughts, Worship, diet and exercise.

Job thoughts, I have not had any interviews, I think because not applied for the "right" job yet... perhaps. Chaplain jobs right now are far and few between, plus most are part time, not gonna consider moving for a part time job! Don't wanna move anyway. Whatever job I find will need to have a schedule that will allow me to keep the Hospital ministry. That is a challenge the schedule there is so crazy! One thought is to go more to the Ethics side of things hmm, more on that later. One thought is trying to teach, at least as a sub at a christian school. Of course if they find out I'm gay that won't work. Should I try anyway? It might lead to other things, for instance I would like to get to the place where I can teach part time on the Jr college level.

Church thoughts, I am aware of several gay friendly churches in the area. Problem is my schedule at the ALF keeps me from trying any of them out. So a thought occurred, why not go over earlier and attend a early service (if the church has one) where the church is close to the ALF? Something to try, gotta think outside the box. There is a UCC and a Disciples not far from the ALF.

Worship, Personal Worship has become so important to me, a big part of my spirituality. You don't have to be in stained glass church to worship. I have found I worship in my car, I break out in song and prayer at home, on a walk, exercising. I contemplate the Scripture I receive via email each day. I still hold fast many of the doctrines I know to be true, although I also find I've expanded my outlook and spirituality to include more liturgical styles. I am practicing the disciplines of meditation, silence, as part of my Scripture and prayer times. Personal worship has added a new dimension to my spirituality.

Diet and Exercise ug! I am trying some new things, first diet. I am eating blueberries on my oatmeal or cheerios in the morning. I also started drinking a small glass of V8 fruit juice (diet). Morning snack consists of 4 peanut butter crackers. Lunch depends on where I am, usually salad, soup, or a regular meal. Afternoon snack is yogurt, dinner is normal. Exercise, a friend gave me an ablounger so I'm trying to use that, I go to the fitness center at the complex at least twice a week. I use my gym membership less( on the other side of town) but need to at least once a week for a hard work out. I discovered my gym company is opening a center down the street from the ALF so I can go there!

I've put on a lot of the weight I lost, so now I need to lose it again. Exercise for me is the biggest key. I don't eat like I used to, and I've shrunk my stomach so like today I ate a big meal, I was sooo stuffed I did not like the feeling! I'm not eating the wrong snacks like I was. The only other thing is the on call, having sleep interrupted or delayed is not very healthy. I average at least 1 but usually 2 calls a night. Most of the serious needs occur over night. So I'm stuck there! Next weekend I have three nights in a row! I'm going to try and change that. Or is that not being a servant?

so job, church, diet sundries.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Presidential Medal of Freedom!!!!!!!

Hello to anyone who still reads this blog! Its been almost a month since my last post, still have not finished my personal statement of faith I assigned myself some time ago. I will. At the Hospital we are short one person doing on call and guess who is taking up some of the slack? I have been doing every other night for over a month now! We don't always have calls, which is both a good and bad news thing. However, for me up to this week I've had at least two calls every night! A few times it was more than that. I found myself becoming rather weary, and at times compassion fatigued. That is not good in ministry! By the grace of God Ive had two on call nights this week with no calls. It was nice to sleep the night through, (mostly) and have 3 nights in a row like that. So I am ready to for duty as needed.

Some exciting news with a gay twist! Yesterday President Obama awarded Harvey Milk a postumas Medal of Freedom for his gay activism, and self sacrafice. Also Billie Jean King was awarded one as well. Imagine that...Its a good thing.

Please lets keep the gay community in prayer and keep moving forward in a positive way, plowing around those groups and issues that would stop our progress. If Harvey Milk could see us now.