Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Medley- Usher Dive

Its a rainy Monday.  A good  day to sleep but not able to,  Too much left over adrenalin from my on call.  My sleep was interrupted twice, then I thought I would be called again, so I dozed in my recliner. 

Today I'm sharing the song Dive by Usher.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Day Prayer Service

Today we had an Earth Day Prayer Service which I was asked to formulate and lead.  The resulting program although short, hit the mark! I was pleased that those who asked me to prepare the service were pleased! I share the program here with you.

Genesis 1:1, 26
For The Beauty of the Earth V.1
Psalm 139:13-17
Prayer of Thanksgiving
For The Beauty of the Earth V.2
Romans 8:18-22, 25 
Beatitudes for Stewards of Earth by Father Ed Eschweiler  
·        Blessed are they who understand that creation is like a beautiful tapestry, with every strand depending on others.
·        Blessed are they who see the beauty of Earth as a reflection of the beauty of God, who creates
·        Blessed are they who do not waste or spoil Earth's resources, which are for everyone, even those not yet born
·        Blessed are they who reverence all created things as sacred: in God's eyes all creation is good.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the air--the breath of God and the Spirit of our life.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the life-giving waters that sustain the Earth's climate and nourish Earth's inhabitants.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the soil that supports our homes and our footsteps and yields abundant harvests.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the trees and other plants that call down the rains, stabilize the soil, and freshen the air.
·        Blessed ore they who reduce what they consume, re-use what they can, and recycle what they can no longer use.
·        Blessed are they who praise God the Creator in their reverent and gentle use of all things on Earth.
 For The Beauty of the Earth V.3
Prayer of Commitment
Father we come before your throne today to commit our lives to the care of your creation. You gave us the earth to use and be stewards of. Now please give us your wisdom to honor you by not abusing what you have created.  Please give us your guidance in doing all we can to restore your creation and use it as you meant it to be used for all generations.  Amen


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Medley: It Girl

The third Monday in April, you would think spring is well underway, and it is in most parts. Here its a little cooler than usual, but trees are in full bloom, the azalea[s are bursting forth.  Still its chilly!

Enjoy the music and the Spring Day

Happy Earth Day

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sounding Off

The tragic events of the week are on my mind this morning. As I watched the search and arrest unfold on TV last night, I had enough.  I turned to Netflix and watched something else. The loss of life and limb is so senseless, but  it always is. 

One of the reports talked about the perpetrators posts on Social media. Looking for what caused them to be radicalized and carry out terror.  A comment by one of the brothers  was reported, he apparently said he had enough of this country.  If so my response to that... this is the USA, its a free country.  He was free to leave and go somewhere else.  If indeed he did not like it here,  he was free to go where he would like it. However, I know its not that simple.  At least the one at large suspect is now in custody. 

The tragedy in Texas, all I can say is I pray for the families and all those effected by the plant explosion.  I hope the investigation will help present something similar in the future.

Two tragedies that effected two entire communities this week.  


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston

Yesterday Boston suffered an attack.  Home grown or foreign, terror is terror.  Looking at the news this morning, it appears this was a detailed attack targeted spectators,  people who were there for family and friends who seemed to target were running in the Marathon. 

My prayers are for the victims, those who lost loved ones, their families, the first responders, the healthcare providers, the people of Boston.

Please join me in praying for these and law enforcement who investigate and plan security. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Medley JT: Mirror

Today I want to share a song by Justin Timberlake I heard on the radio.  however, I have not found a version to post that plays the bass the way they don on the radio. This one sounds better, so here it is. Im adding glad you came by the wanted as well. hope you enjoy! 

Happy Monday! Mirror  Glad You Came  Say the Words

If you have someone in your life you love, let that person know it, don't assume they know how much you love them. One thing I hear so often as a Chaplain, is "I wish I had told him or her how much I love him/her." its usually too late then...


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dogs or Cats

Pets in general are such a joy.  They add so much to our lives, bring such pleasure.  Did you know pets are good for us?  They help us by always bringing us love, unconditional love, playing with us.  They help reduce our blood pressure, give us an emotional outlet. It has been proven that patients often do better when they have a pet, hence the rise of pet therapy. people with pets often deal with stress, grief , depression.  So you have a pet?    Good for you! For me I like dogs.

Dogs are more therapeutic!!! Cats...not as much.

CATS GO TO .....


Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Medley Forever Young

Welcome to the second week in  April!  Spring is finally showing up!  Monday is always a mixed bag of exhaustion, relaxation, reflection for me.  Sometimes too much reflection. The last 24 hours were rough at work, an unusual number of calls. a total of 15 altogether from 0800 to 0800.  It kept me from making my normal rounds.  I was running from call to call day and night. Some situations out of the norm. when it was finally over, I came home and went back to bed. something I don't usually do, I did not sleep  very long, but my body seemed to say ENOUGH!  I'm recovering, thing is tomorrow I have to do another overnight, this time an evening shift and on call till 0800. I have been promised relief from all the on call, but so far...  I am an adapter and  survivor! At least I hope to continue to be.

Today I am sharing  Forever Young.... at least at heart.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Good News To Share

So I'm sitting at a stop light in a little place called Phoebus.  The phone rings and its a Richmond area number.  The person on the other is the Director of Admissions of the School I applied to.  After exchanging pleasantries, she congratulates me on my acceptance to the MTS program!  Needles to say I am very pleased and relieved! 

This morning I took the next step and filled in the confirmation form for my acceptance and paid the fee, (which will be applied to my tuition)  so its official!!!

Next I will make an appointment with the Admissions office to go and map out my degree plan and financing.  There will be a written plan to follow, I will be attending on a part time basis.  Since I am in ministry. From what I understand a new schedule is in the works, one that is more friendly to people in my position. They call it a hybrid schedule, which includes online and an on campus class schedule which allows the student to come to campus one day a week and take  classes they need.

The only wrinkle in my plan is they do not allow clinical classes in the program I have been accepted to..  However, I am looking at what closely related classes can be taken as electives.  My Clinical Pastoral Education Units will not transfer, which is actually better since the Association of Professional Chaplains would not count them toward certification. 

Perhaps when they retool the Master of Divinity, I may re-visit that degree program so I can add clinical courses.  For now I am happy with the direction things in my life are taking. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Monday Medley

Its a late post for Monday Medley, but I have a good excuse...I was busy, tired, and had computer issues.  I was on call last night and spent several hours up and out at the Hospital.  I don't usually sleep well during the day so I'm tired.

In honor of Easter Monday I want to share several tunes that have special meaning to mean.  Sort of a tradition in my faith background with a bit of a twist.

First  a hymn we always sing Easter Sunday at my church. This version done by the Kings College Choir, they do it it justice.

Christ The Lord is Risen Today:

Another Easter tradition is to sing the Hymn

Crown Him With Many Crowns

A Chorus that is often sung at both Christmas and Easter is the Hallelujah Chorus

Have a Great Easter Week