Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wildside then Gilbert and Gender Cakes Parties

Good Wednesday! It's going to get much hotter here over the next few days.  If you are in the Hot zone please take care of yourself.  Drink plenty of water, and stay in cool places as much as possible. Please be in prayer for all those suffering loss due to these awful fires, and thec firefighters trying to stop the flames.  I pray for good rain and no winds to fight thesae flames.

To end on a note of humor, I found these video's one on agoogle search by accident, the other on a blog I follow.

The first is a british post with animal humor, its great!

It's called Gilbert Gets It, by Gilbert Gottfried.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TerrificTuesday Great and Wonderful!

Today is a much better day for a number of reasons. I slept well last night. Its a gorgeous day, will be in the 70's today, much better than 90 of yesterday!  I have my to do list already in progress. I'm blogging again today.  Its a terrific Tuesday! 

Plant update, if you have read this blog for any length, you know plants are a hobby for me. I have moved a couple of my plants to the patio for summer sunshine and fresh are.  its a change of 'scenery" for them and me. I like to sit on my patio at times. Well its time to do some plant care including re potting, and figure out what to do with my Orchid.  I must do some Internet research on my quest to have a re blooming orchid.  Stay tuned for updates on that. 

Its nice to have a day or two not to have anywhere I HAVE to be. Or wait for a call to go somewhere.

So I must keep moving to accomplish what I need to today. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Medley

Today is a tired day, as I just finished what unintentionally became four days of 12 or more hour shifts. Only one was meant as a twelve, the others became twelve (or longer)with calls and crisis added to the day.  Today I seek rest, relaxation, prayer, good music,  at least one good comedy. Eat something good, and generally recharge. I think I am wrung out.  I love the ministry I work, but it can be draining at times.

I will share one thing, something that evokes a range of emotions and thoughts in me. That is seeing, hearing, experiencing our local emergency medical helicopter.  It's a strange set of emotions to experience all at the same time.  Its exciting, awe inspiring, terror invoking, and action provoking.  A great deal of the time the result is successfully satisfying.  The Trauma team does great work. I am proud to work with these professionals when I have opportunity.

Today there are two songs I've heard that I like, and seem to have meaning for me today. One by Gym Class Heroes "Fighter" the other by One Republic "Good life" both feature Ryan Tedder (One Republic)  Again I do not endorse any advertisement that may appear before the video.



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mana From Heaven

So its the time between paychecks.  You know that time when you have paid certain bills, but are waiting until the next paycheck to pay others, and the cash available is for the other bills.  Well this is one of those has to be careful what one does with cash available its earmarked for something important.  I'm thinking there is enough food in the house to get me through, or at least I will make it last and just buy the essentials.  I'm going to walk every where I can and save the gas in the car for getting to and from work. I think, hope and pray I can squeak by.

Then something small but wonderful happens. Where I park my car is near some trees on a grassy area. The other morning coming home from a late call, its windy, and threatening rain. As I pull into the parking spot, I notice something flapping in the grass.  As I get out of my car and walk by it becomes distinguishable.  It's money!  I grab it before the wind can take it away.  I look at it and discover to my surprise, I have "found" a $20 bill!  I look around to see if there is anyone nearby that might be chasing it.  The area is deserted.  I stick that "mana" my pocket and thank God for His provision in my life.  Its a small thing, but significant to me. Now I have $20 to buy essentials if I need to and not touch gas, medication or rent money.  It meets a need not a want, that is why I call it "Mana from Heaven".   He is Jehovah Jireh, The Lord our provider.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Monday Medley

Happy Monday!  Is that a contradiction?  Well this morning we have a two song musical Monday.  Shall we say two extremes? a song I like by Taio Cruz. Then I thought it is time for another classic by Wagnor Ride of the Valkyries. Used in the movie Apocalypse Now. Let it not be said there is no Culture on this blog!  Disclaimer, I am not responsible for nor do I endorse the content of any commercial which may appear before the music.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Musical Monday Two For

I heard this song on the radio and it stuck in my mind, so I thought I would share it here.  Its by boy band One Direction.  Today is a two for Monday, the second song is one I heard and liked, is a little mellow for this artist.  Yes I'm actually posting a song by LiL Wayne! Hope you enjoy.  Happy Monday!