Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti "Orphan" Questions

The news report stated that the ten Baptist mission people were taking orphans across the border to a safe place. The news also showed these missionaries in jail, which one quoted Scripture in chains for Christ. I hardly agree. Sounds to me like they went around the street picking up children, not getting them from an official orphanage, not only that but they failed to follow official channels and regulations for taking the children over the border. That is just wrong! I don't question the motives, but ignorance of the procedures, lack of planning, not following regulations is no excuse.

Mission organizations normally do a good job of navigating the regulatory process. This is just stupid. At least that's what I think about it all. I hope this won't impede other good mission organizations from making a true difference.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Saga Continues

I did not drive anywhere over the weekend. I tried to find a ride to the Hospital yesterday to no avail. we worked it out though, two who lived close to each facility covered on call, I was the clearing house. All calls came through me, if it met the criteria then I passed it on.

Today its warmer melting a lot but not enough. I'm afraid it will just refreeze tonight. so the sage continues. We may get a wintery mix tomorrow, I pray not, let it be warmer and be rain O Lord.

Oh I'm thinking about starting a separate blog just to write about my search for a boyfriend. I might do that.