Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Plantdom 2013

This week I added a new plant to my collection.  A Hibiscus which I think is a beautiful flower, I have been wanting on for a while. It will remain in a container, I will be repotting my Azalea and may put the new plant in that pot. Its nice to have a patio with some ground, I have planted a few summer flowers as well.  I also put my chairs out and sit out there.  At least until I am downwind of the smokers! I may transplant one or two of the flowers in pots when we move.  I have a few less plants right now as some have not survived for whatever reason.  Most notably my Rhododendron, died at the old apartment, I think it was overcome by a disease.  I only have three houseplants right now, which is the least I have had in a long time, but I think I am going to wait until a new place before I add anything.  I need to gage sun exposure, plus it will be less to move.  Here are a few pictures of my "plantdom" 

The most blooms ever on this Azalea
                                                   Re-bloomers from last fall


                                               My "Garden"

My flower bed has geraniums, marigold, pansies, chrysanthemum. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Medley: Memorial Day Edition 2013

Memorial Day 2013 is here. I won't say "Happy Memorial Day"  just does not seem appropriate.  Today I pause to think of all those who have fought, were injured and killed fighting for freedom in all conflicts. 

Today I fly my flag their honor.  Today I also share a youtube video I in honor of the day.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday This and That

As I sit here doing my morning computer tasks, I am listening to the President speak on the devastation of the tornado's.  I can not begin to imagine what it must be like to lose everything like that.  I know the fear weather can cause, where I live is prone to hurricanes, which can be devastating as well.  Still I cannot imagine losing a home, and possessions' to such a storm.  Everyone in the path of these storms, who have been or will be impacted are in my prayers. For practical ways to help visit the Red Cross web page. Also keep in prayer those who respond to help that they be strengthened, and enabled to provide the help needed.

A few days ago, I received an offer of a debit card, and a proposal to promote the card on this blog. It was a card that donates to marriage equality, and LGBT issues.   I gave it some thought at least briefly, but decided that was not something I wanted to do with this blog.  I write here to share my journey, to put forth  my own agendas not someone else's agenda.  So no $25 for me, no promotion here.

Seminary update, I am in the process of selecting my classes for next year. I have enough cash squirreled away to pay for one class. So I think it will be on campus Old Testament for the fall. I may continue with the second half of OT in the Winter Term or perhaps an online class since I won't have to travel. I am looking forward to this portion of my journey.

Once the weather is more stable on a day I have time to get out and work in the patio "garden" I will have some pictures to share. I have taken a few already but will share those at that time as well.  I do miss a yard to putter around in.
Stay tuned! 


Monday, May 20, 2013

A Classical Monday Medley

Today is a warm, cloudy, with some rain kind of Monday.  For my on call last night there were no calls for two Hospitals. Highly unusual, but I appreciated being able to rest. at least apart from my normal waking to "check" the pagers. The only downside, is  no call back pay, but rest is just as nice. 

Today, I want to share some classical music, just my mood. Its a medley of classical runs about nine minutes, listen, relax, reflect, just CHILL.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Medley: Stay Rihanna

A mixed Monday weather wise, it cooler, overcast,  rain possible.   Just have to see what the day brings. I was on call last night, but NO CALLS! Very unusual for this particular hospital.  I even woke up in the wee hours and called the Hospital operator to make sure no one had tried to call. Fortunately no, I rolled over and went sweetly back to sleep. 

Next Sunday I will be on call for two Hospitals, so I think I will be making up for this no call night.

Today I am sharing a song by Rihanna Stay

Hope its a good week for all

Friday, May 10, 2013


I check my blogger dashboard frequently, mostly to see the blogs I follow. Its interesting to see where the readers are from, some all over the world.  As well as the posts they view, I only wish there were more comments or dialogue.  I guess there is not much to say?  I started blogging to express myself, and write about my journey out of the closet.  I also wrote about some of my experiences, and hope and dream for a relationship.  My blogging has evolved overtime to include not only my personal journey and thoughts on gay issues, also anything that comes up I want to comment on.  a regular post I started is Monday Medley, where I share songs I like. some by a theme, others are random selections I hear on the radio. 

The milestone?  This blog has had over ten thousand views!  I hope some of my blogging will give a different perspective on being gay and Christian. Sometimes I blog to express myself and invite your thoughts, experiences, to see if I am off track, on track or whatever. 

I thank you for your interest in my blog, your comments, emails, encouragement. Please keep reading! Speak once in a while!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Micro Eco System

The apartment complex where I live shares a lake with another complex next door.  Its a nice large lake which attracts a variety of wildlife.  The time of year when birds migrate, one can see all manner birds, it can be interesting.  A pleasant walk around the lake can be an interesting experience. Recently, I saw an example of the food chain in nature on our lake. 

On a recent morning walk, I witnessed something out of the ordinary.  Being spring the population of geese has swelled, the nesting geese have hatched their young.  Its cute to see the families waddling around the complex. however, on this particular morning, I saw a goose family on the lake. I stopped to watch as they swam by. There were 6 goslings when I noticed the 4th one in line, was pulled under the water by something. the parents had a fit.  Apparently, something, most likely a bullfrog  made a meal of the gosling! I felt for the parents as they frantically searched for their baby and got the remaining babies to the safety of  land. 

Then on an evening walk this past weekend, I witnessed another sight.  There is a gorgeous white egret or loon that visits the lake frequently.  I saw it that evening near the fishing deck, I paused to try an take a picture of it with my phone's camera.  In a split second the bird dipped it's head in the water and came up with a big frog by the leg, and took off with it!   I have never seen anything like that before in my life! I was startled but in a strange way thought of it as nature's payback for the little gosling. 

A great example of the Eco system at work.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Medley: Songs of Faith, Come Thou Fount

Today I begin a once a month Monday Medley post titled songs of faith.  I thought it appropriate since this is the Monday after the first Sunday of the month. In many churches who do not celebrate Communion or Lord Supper each week, the first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday.  So in a nod to my faith background, my ongoing faith and work, this Monday Medley is a song of faith. 

Just as I enjoy all types of music, I enjoy all types of Christian music.  From traditional, praise and worship, to  rock, even Christian rap.  So here is an opportunity for me to share some of my favorite hymns, songs, and perhaps highlight something different.

Today an old favorite I remember singing as a child, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

I wish you peace


Friday, May 3, 2013

Gay in the News

What a week or so of news for a world wide gay community!

 First France, legalized Same Sex Marriage nationwide, unfortunately the vocal minority took to the streets which led to violence.  That is sad  a major victory for marriage equality to be marred like that.

Second, for the first time we saw a pro sports player still playing come out of the closet.  What a big bold step for Jason Collins! I hope he will not be discriminated against in the coming season or in the promotional contracts he could have in the future.  I was struck by and could relate to  how relieved he said he was.  Just the opportunity not your mind, and spirit. to hide who you are, is a load off.  I have experienced that relief.  It is a  sweet relief and release. Way to Go!

Third, Rhode Island became another state to legalize Same Sex Unions, the difference here is without religious protections so that could present a problem in in the form of litigation in the future. Still the fact another state approved marriage equality brings the number of states to 10, plus the District of Columbia and three Native American Tribes.  Three states it was by popular vote!

 Then,  Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Iceland’s outgoing prime minister and the first openly LGBT person to head a national government, leaves a mixed legacy, with advances on gay rights but only partial success in addressing the nation’s economic problems.  Still she has made history, I hope her ground breaking position is not marred in history by her mixed results. Some thing's one just cannot help.

Lance Bass has said a member of the group One Direction is "probably gay". Well if which ever one he is referring to is or is not, its not up to him to "out" him.  I don't think that is right, its up to the individual to decide when or if to go public about his sexuality.  Its no one's business if whoever is or is not gay! So a thumbs down to Lance.

That's all I want to highlight for now, Happy Friday to all!