Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday This and That

As I sit here doing my morning computer tasks, I am listening to the President speak on the devastation of the tornado's.  I can not begin to imagine what it must be like to lose everything like that.  I know the fear weather can cause, where I live is prone to hurricanes, which can be devastating as well.  Still I cannot imagine losing a home, and possessions' to such a storm.  Everyone in the path of these storms, who have been or will be impacted are in my prayers. For practical ways to help visit the Red Cross web page. Also keep in prayer those who respond to help that they be strengthened, and enabled to provide the help needed.

A few days ago, I received an offer of a debit card, and a proposal to promote the card on this blog. It was a card that donates to marriage equality, and LGBT issues.   I gave it some thought at least briefly, but decided that was not something I wanted to do with this blog.  I write here to share my journey, to put forth  my own agendas not someone else's agenda.  So no $25 for me, no promotion here.

Seminary update, I am in the process of selecting my classes for next year. I have enough cash squirreled away to pay for one class. So I think it will be on campus Old Testament for the fall. I may continue with the second half of OT in the Winter Term or perhaps an online class since I won't have to travel. I am looking forward to this portion of my journey.

Once the weather is more stable on a day I have time to get out and work in the patio "garden" I will have some pictures to share. I have taken a few already but will share those at that time as well.  I do miss a yard to putter around in.
Stay tuned! 


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