Friday, May 3, 2013

Gay in the News

What a week or so of news for a world wide gay community!

 First France, legalized Same Sex Marriage nationwide, unfortunately the vocal minority took to the streets which led to violence.  That is sad  a major victory for marriage equality to be marred like that.

Second, for the first time we saw a pro sports player still playing come out of the closet.  What a big bold step for Jason Collins! I hope he will not be discriminated against in the coming season or in the promotional contracts he could have in the future.  I was struck by and could relate to  how relieved he said he was.  Just the opportunity not your mind, and spirit. to hide who you are, is a load off.  I have experienced that relief.  It is a  sweet relief and release. Way to Go!

Third, Rhode Island became another state to legalize Same Sex Unions, the difference here is without religious protections so that could present a problem in in the form of litigation in the future. Still the fact another state approved marriage equality brings the number of states to 10, plus the District of Columbia and three Native American Tribes.  Three states it was by popular vote!

 Then,  Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Iceland’s outgoing prime minister and the first openly LGBT person to head a national government, leaves a mixed legacy, with advances on gay rights but only partial success in addressing the nation’s economic problems.  Still she has made history, I hope her ground breaking position is not marred in history by her mixed results. Some thing's one just cannot help.

Lance Bass has said a member of the group One Direction is "probably gay". Well if which ever one he is referring to is or is not, its not up to him to "out" him.  I don't think that is right, its up to the individual to decide when or if to go public about his sexuality.  Its no one's business if whoever is or is not gay! So a thumbs down to Lance.

That's all I want to highlight for now, Happy Friday to all!

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