Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Veteran's Day

Today we celebrate our Veterans!  I recall as a child helping my father fly our flag each Veteran's Day.  I learned about our country, my family heritage, and about the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918, when WWI ended with the Armistice signing. Today we have military members fighting two wars, we have veterans of those and other wars struggling with health issues, finding jobs, and moving forward with their lives. Other than my vote, and voicing my support for our veterans to my senate, and Congress members, there is not much I can do.  However,  I always fly my flag on special days for our nation. Today I continue a tradition my father taught me and I am flying my flag. In honor of the service all our Veterans and military members.  But Especially for the members of my family who have served from the Revolution to current day. I say THANK YOU!

Specifically to James, Branden, Chantal, Charles, George, my father,Thank you.

Also on this day I remember those service members who suffered because of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the policy that was before it.  I celebrate the removal of that barrier.

Enjoy your lifestyle? Freedom? Vote? Thank a Vet!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day

In honor of National Coming Out Day, I want to say congratulations to all those who are on  their journey of coming out.  Its tough at times, but it DOES get better. To those who have made that journey I say lets keep moving forward. I'm glad I made the journey! I thank all those who have supported and encouraged!

My Three words  "I CAME OUT"  Here is a link to the song "Good Life"

Happy October

Its October already! Where has time gone? I remember when I was a child, I was always excited when October came...because of Halloween, dressing up and trick or treating. It was fun and I think it still is. As an adult, I have rediscovered Halloween in the last few years. You see when I was in a fundamental place, Halloween was dispised as a night for the devil and evil things.  in those and many christian circles it still is. Now we still did fall festivities to provide a safe place for children on Halloween night but it was viewed differently.

A few years ago I was on staff at a church that had an All Saints day service, which was a new experience for me and helped me rediscover Halloween. Last year for the first time I participated in Trunk or Treat at my church, you should have seen the elaborate decorating of the trunks, it was fun and most of all a ministry to the kids and their families.  I'm going to participate again this year. Since it is October, I'm including a video by Timbaland I think is appropriate for October. I like Timbaland, he is down to earth.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Church Stuff

Rally day has come and gone...for this I am glad. That is the start of the Sunday school year.   It was a great day but a lot of work for all involved.  Well worth it though.  We included a 9/11 remembrance which was very appropriate.  People are funny, some thought the whole service should have been remembering 9/11. that would not have been appropriate, due to the fact it was a regular worship Service and it was Rally Day.  People are people no matter where you go! Oh well that is church.

The speaker for our Senior group next week has had to cancel. So I have been asked if I can be the speaker. I'm going to talk about Chaplaincy.  Though Ive been thinking and perhaps show and tell my Matchbox Toy collection.  hmmm. Have to think about that one.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Its Labor day weekend here in the U.S.A. The traditional end of summer, School starts in many places on Tuesday. I'm sure many parents will be glad to have their children back in the routine of school, and in a learning environment. Well have a great one everyone.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September! September is the beginning of my favorite four months of the year, They include special days, my birthday, my mother's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas. The Autumn is just a nice time to me. I enjoy the cooler temperatures, changing leaf colors, harvest festivities, church festivals, the sights, aroma's, and sounds of the various holidays. I just love and look forward to the season, as much as I do spring.  September is the start of it all. Happy September! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Through the Storm

Irene came and Irene went. I am Hurricane weary, it was a long and tedious time waiting out the storm. However, we were blessed. Yes there was flooding, wind damage, power outage. Some folks who own houses on the water had significant damage. But it was not as bad as it could have been. The fact our area had a moderate drought helped, the ground was not saturated as it is north of here. The fact Irene weakened to a category 1 helped. The fact that it jogged slightly west did not help. That meant we had more of the storm to contend with. not just a brushing. There was no damage at my apartment complex (other that limbs) I work in a Hospital so power was restored within hours not days, I live in a critical power grid so it was restored in hours not days. To have an Earthquake, and a Hurricane all in one week!

I pray for the folks in the Northeast who have experienced far more damage and devestation from Irene. It is a truly horrific thing to experience. Living here with the threat of Hurricane land fall is hard enough, to have one come through is another. To have one come through in an area that rarely experiences is something more than even that.

No matter where you go, there will be weather, and forces of nature that impact our lives. There is no escape.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Go Away Irene!!!

Today I have to remind myself what it is about about this area that makes me want to live here! Hurricanes are fearsome, unpredictable, just plain dangerous to person and property! We expect 6-12 inches of rain = flooding, major high tides = more flooding, high winds 60 to 80 miles and hour = down trees and power lines. AND the storm does NOT come on shore here! So we prepare, canned food check, water check, batteries check, radio check. Oh and since I work at a Hospital, I will be there for the duration of the storm. possibly 2 days! At least I will have generator power there! Better food than I could at home under the circumstances...maybe.

Irene is 700 miles wide sustained winds of 115 miles an hour as of this writing. The picture below is what one looks like.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Very Special Day August 13, 2011

Well, as usual I'm way behind in my blogging. It has been a busy few weeks between work, and travel, a wedding, and travel then back to work. Whew!

Saturday August 13th my precious niece was married! Its hard to believe but she is now a married woman. Seems like just yesterday she graduated High School, she is now in her mid 20's! I was so blessed to be able to attend, and see her walk the isle with her father at her side in his dress whites, and see my handsome nephew escort my sister, his mother, to her seat. It was exciting, and quite a celebration.

It was an outdoor wedding, on the grounds of a castle, yes a castle! The reception took place in the upstairs ball room of the castle. It was a splendid day and evening. I can't think of a serious glitch. Something I have never seen before were chinese lanterns being lit and set aloft in the night sky with the moon as backdrop. What a sight! Below are a few pix of the wedding site, the castle, and the bride and groom's table.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coming Out Again Part II

Since I introduced this subject in my last post, I want to share that after much thought, and prayer. I decided it was safe, and appropriate for me to come out to the Pastor I work for. So I did! I set a meeting with him, and we sat down and I told him. It does not get any easier, especially with what might be at stake. He did not seem surprised, and we had a good discussion. He was affirming, even stated my being gay maybe part of the reason I was called to the church. "for such a time as this" The only thing he did ask is that if at some point I find myself in a relationship to let him know. So that if it were to come up he can say that he knew.

We had Session, last night. One of the conservative members of the church wrote a letter to the Session asking that there be an official response and position concerning Amendment 10A. This person would like to see the church become part of a "fellowship" of PCUSA churches being formed to "stand for Biblical standards". No action was taken, not much discussion either, I think the focus is on examining the biblical texts involved and going from there.

I have to say my gut tells me this "fellowship" of Churches could be the begining of a new Denomination. Only time will tell.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Out Yet Again! Part I

Sorry for the infrequency of posts, but life is hectic! In previous posts, I have mentioned the church I serve part time. Church work/ministry is a don't ask don't tell kind of working situation for a minister who is gay. As long as they dont know for certain it can work. You may have heard the PCUSA has past Amendment 10 A. Concerning Ordination of both Ruling and Teaching Elders. Although it does not specifically say it, this amendment to the Book of Order or Constitution, could open the door to Ordination of Gay and Lesbian Elders. It removes the marriage between a man and woman clause as well as the fidelity and chastity clause. It puts more emphasis on gifts, call, and preparation as well as making the decsion on ordination a local issue. Rather than mandating who, what, when and where. I thnk its a very good thing and could raise the bar on ordination.

Now this has caused quite a stir in the church, but my parish...not so much. That too is a good thing. It has created a dialogue particularly in the Session.(governing body) The Pastor with whom I serve is very gay friendly, as I said before we have a few members who either are gay or have family who are. Our Session has a Bible study the last 30 minutes of it's monthly meeting. For the next few months Scripture related to the issue of Homosexuality will be examined and discussed. I hope a positive consensus can be reached! Please check back for part two of this post.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to begin? My life is so hectic, sometimes barely enough time to sit and take it all in. Other times too much time and I just sit not accomplishing a thing. I don't like either situation. Yet I like the adrenaline of the hecticness of my work? But it takes a toll, physically, mentally, emotional and spiritual. I miss my garden! There needs to be more balance in my life but how do I get there? Im an organizer, I like routine and schedules to follow. However, half my work mandates I hang loose, ready to run at a moments notice. The pager rules the day not the routine or schedule or plan for that particular day. Such is life!

The church seems to introduce a little sanity into hectic workstyle. At least most of the time. I am reminded of the Scripture in Mark where our Lord tells the disciples to come away to a secluded place and rest awhile. To find a way to do that!

wow! Not what I intended to write here tonight, but I suppose I needed to write this.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Books Books and more Books

You don't realize how much stuff you accumulate until you go to move it. In my new place I have a room I am making into a study. Where all my books will be stored, well not all of them some are at the office. There are some books I am going to try and sell. These books, about 10 or 12 are of a verierty I dont use or need anymore. I think I'm going to join this site I've been looking through and see if I can sell them.

I love shopping online for the commentary set I am collecting, and using at the office. I found a used hard back in very good condition for $2.99, it will be $7.00 with shipping! The way to go.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Out In The Park

Yesterday was the annual Pride celebration for our locality. I did not go due to work related issues. Im sorry I missed it, because this year, the festivities were moved to a much larger and more prominant location in the downtown area. In fact it was on the front page of the of the local section of the paper today. In the past it was a little blurb in the Entertainment section. It also warranted mention

in the local TV news! Our local gay community is receiving some positive publicity. Its about time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving Along

May was moving month for me. I moved out of an apartment I had for three years, to a new apartment closer to the job I spend more time with. Wish I could buy a place but its not to be right now.I moved myself mostly with my little car, which was a challenge since it is small. What I was able to do before in 4 trips with my wagon took 10 times longer. Not to mention I could not move things I did before because they just would not fit! Oh well I thank God its done!

Right now I'm just resting a bit before I dive into unpacking and arranging things...Starting with the kitchen. Although I threw away stuff, I suspect more might go. Things I just dont need and have no attachment to.
No my Matchbox collection will NOT be on that list.

At the old place I learned I had to pay for carpet cleaning??? It was clean no spots, I kept it vaccuumed, still hmm. Money out of my pocket that to me should be normal maintence for an apartment. Well I'm tired and on call tonight so I think I'm going to bed.

more later.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Remember

Take a moment to pause and thank God for this great nation and remember that our freedom is not free. It was paid for with the blood of those who died on the field of battle in every war since the Revolution. Those who fought and still fight today for equal rights, Today remember.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Staying Busy

Its been awhile since my last post...AGAIN. Its been a busy month, in addition to working, I have been in the process of moving to a new place. I'm so glad I made the decision to move. Moving is alot of work, I dont have a lot of stuff, or so I thought until started moving it!

I will be closer to everything I've been going to regularly and so much will be in walking distance. On the downside, its farther from two medical centers I go to, but it all balances out in the end.

I hope you all have a good Holiday Weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Carbon Footprint

At church on Wednesday night we began our Spring CHOW, (Church On Wednesday). Theme is being green, I'm using the book "Green Church" (Cokesbury) along with information from "Stewardship of God's Creation."

I found a web site Carbon ( That can calculate your carbon footprint, and suggests ways to reduce that including donations. My focus is what we can do to reduce our individual footprints. Specifically, reduce, reuse, recycle. It is as much spiritual as anything. For instance: Reuse, when I buy something new (a blessing to me)to replace something else, the thing that is replaced is given away, to a cloths closet, or the Salvation Army, or some other organization. Instead of sending it to the landfill. If it is not usable then I try find some other use for it.

My Carbon footprint, According to the above website, I calculated my footprint and it is 14.2 tons of carbon. The average in the U.S.A. is over 20 tons. The goal is to reduce this as much as possible, a world wide goal is to reduce it to 2 tons. So I continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

I hope the next five weeks of Spring CHOW will encourage the participants to be better stewards of God's creation.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

What a glorious morning it was this morning! I was on call last night but no calls, which is a mixed bag. The church was full, as you would expect on Easter Sunday, the music was glorious. I hope your Easter is special.


Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 NOT 1511

This is 2011 and I am so glad! The reason for this is simple, we are post renaissance, post reformation, post industrialization and products of the 20th century.

As a result we have a path to individual freedom and responsibility, a path for anyone to achieve his or her goals. to find their path, their way to life, love, God, or even happiness. For me personally, the opportunity to discover who I am and grow spiritually, emotionally, professionally...My path. More so than I did or could 10 or 15 years ago!

The church where I serve, has a Wednesday Bible study that is a prime example of this. We operate on the premise that this should be the place where one can come and ask any question, share any ideas and thoughts or experience without fear of being ridiculed. what I have witnessed thus far, it is, all are honored. We think deeply,pray hard and usually come up with more questions but we look to the Bible and the Holy Spirit for guidance and are not disappointed. In this group most are from our church, we have some who attend regularly from the Catholic church, the Methodist and Lutheran churches in our neighborhood. Some of the conversations we have, the ideas we consider, if it were 1511 and not 2011 would have us burned at the stake I'm sure. There is a freedom in that!

Yet, it is 2011, and still in parts of this world we have terrible oppression. Economic, political as well as religious oppression. In parts of this world the oppression of women and children is a way of life. There are death threats that are carried out based on religious belief. Even in these United States we have various forms of religious oppression, and its OK because of religious freedom. Or is it? In most cases folk submit themselves to it through a set of ideals they are taught and can escape when they become enlightened. In some cases if they are allowed to ask, and seek...At least in theory. Yet there are parts of our country where a set of beliefs are held to, if left unchecked, will carry our nation and legal system down a very difficult path. We must require all persons no matter of religion, race, creed, to live by our laws, and under our constitution. Yes, I am talking about Islamic communities in the United States. I hope and pray for a reformation of Islam, especially of fundamentalist Islam. Then we have people like the leader in Florida who burned a Quran, and the Westboro Baptist folk who picket everyone who is different than them. How does that show God's love? or love at all? It serves only to propagate hate often under freedom of religion, speech.

Galatians 3:28 and following "In Christ...there is no longer, Jew or Greek, Slave or Free, male or female, all are one in Christ..."

Think about it please.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Library

As a student, teacher, one with an inquisitive mind, I have a personal library of various theological books. In the past these books consisted mostly of conservative authors, until I began to grow out of that part of my life. Now when I buy a book it usually is from a more liberal and or reformed perspective. Lately I'm interested in reading about universal and quantum theologies. The teaching at my church has challenged me to think outside my baptist box more so than I already do.

As a result I have started purchasing a series of commentaries for my personal use. the Interpretation Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching. I am buying one a month, possibly more depending on the price I find. That is the fun part, searching Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, for the best prices. I have purchased used in like new condition for as little a $7.00! The best way to buy.

I am also trying to sell a few commentaries I have that are bits and pieces of very conservative authors series. I have a complete set of New Testament by Hendricksen which I like and will use. I also have a set of Old Testament that is technical and useful in lesson preparation.

This has been and continues to be an interesting process growth for me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sundry thoughts

Spring is here! I think, we do have a cold front coming through tonight. Who knows what that will bring us. Just a few weeks ago we had summer like weather one day, then winter like weather the next day, complete with sleet and snow flurries!

There are a number of things I have wanted to write about recently, but have lacked the time and exact words. Amongst them about the church I serve, my thoughts about things political, and there is the Rob Bell controversy.(I like Rob Bell) I will get to these at some point soon.

Next week is Holy Week, it will be a busy week! I am looking forward to the various services, but its extra work. I will be serving Lord's Supper Thursday night,it will be by intinction, and we will have a dinner afterward. The Session at my church has allowed me to serve Lord Supper, (I have served twice) and also serve as Liturgist. Both usually done by Presbyterian Elders.

My spring flowers are blooming, I see flowers and trees blooming all over. its such a pretty time of year. Hope you can enjoy it.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I really like this song. Sometimes when I am discouraged about things in my life, be it work, health, finances or other issues that bother me. I will look this song up on the internet and play it. I hope you enjoy it. Its a good thing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Musings

After a brief foray into the 50's, the thermometer is starting to plunge again. A cold front came through last night and whisked away the warmth. One nice thing is it took the clouds with it! At least the predicted "rain/sleet/snow" never materialized. It moved north for all those in New England who have already had more snow than is typical in winter.

One interesting point, Yesterday I noticed a flock of Robins in the apartment yard. Wow back so soon? Just passing through? Does this mean an early spring? Well who knows.
On another note, I attended a meeting last night at a Hospital for which I work. Chaplains are an interesting bunch! I heard another Hospital (not in a system I work for) Is looking for a flex pool Chaplain. Its close to my apartment, but I'm not interested. Its only 8 hours a week, plus some on call. The interesting thing is they have had 50 or more applicants. People seem to be working hard to get into this field, but around here the jobs are few and you can forget about full time.
With Healthcare Reform? Budget cuts? Who knows

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Plantdom!

Plants are wonderful, soothing, and enjoyable. I was looking around at my plants, and counted 20 plants in my container garden both inside and outside. Its quite a task to water them all; but I love it. One day some will be planted in my own yard. I have a few plants flowering right now. (pictured below) among them are a Begonia (brought in from the patio in the fall) an African Violet, my Peace Lilly just finished a cycle of flowers. Outside I have three containers of Pansies in blossom, and my Camellia has numerous blossoms. My newest addition is a little Holly plant. I also notice my Rhododendron has a few big blossom for this spring.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Power of the Internet

This past week we heard in the news the results of what is being called the "Twitter Revolt." Where Twitter was used to encourage, organize a revolt against the repressive regime in Tunisha. You know what? IT WORKED! Wow, the internet has grown to become such a powerful tool. The key word here is tool. Twitter is something I have thought was useless progigation of trivial information. Here is accomplished something very big! It can be a good thing or it can be not so good to down right dangerous. a positive tool, to find a job, a place to live, research for education, research products. It can also be a tool for negative as we here so much more about. The question is where do we go from here? That is answer I am looking for. My hope is the internet and social networks will be used more often for good.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A Happy 2011 to everyone! I hope you had a safe and exciting celebration. Me? I actually slept in 2011. That is until I was called at 02:00. When I was on the road, I noted there were quite a few cars on the road at that hour of the night. People on way home from parties.

I hope 2011 is filled with positive experiences and good health, and anything negative is out numbered by the positive!
I encourage you just as I encourage those for whom I work, to keep praying, (I Thes. 5:17) Pick a new devotional to read through this year,have a reading plan, dig a little deeper into the Scripture. Consider using a study guide or commentary to help with this. Dig deeper, grow stronger in 2011.

Be Blessed and safe!