Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Medley: : Rihanna - Diamonds

Happy Monday, Well my stint working Sunday's is now complete!  I am glad, relieved, and look forward to having my weekends off! I hope nothing happens to mess that up, I hope not to be on call anymore than I am now!

I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My thoughts on the Aquittal

For a week now, I have held back sharing my thoughts on the Zimmerman acquittal.  No particular reason, other than not appearing to give a knee jerk reaction.  I have to say, I was disappointed that he was not found guilty of at least Manslaughter. 

Here are my reasons, first he was told when he called the police NOT to follow this young man. There was no evidence or indication Martin had committed a crime.  Zimmerman provoked the confrontation by following and most likely following too closely.  In my opinion, shared by others I have talked with, Zimmerman most likely was looking for trouble, a confrontation because he was carrying a weapon. He took authority he did not have.

I don't care if he was neighborhood watch, had a permit to carry a weapon, he should NOT have been carrying a deadly weapon on watch.  Neighborhood watch is that...WATCH and REPORT not intervene. Again there was no crime in progress where intervention was needed. When he called police he fulfilled his responsibility.  This was completely preventable!  His not guilty verdict, does not hold him accountable for his negligence in this senseless death.  What a waste!

In my opinion, Stand your ground laws should be re-evaluated, and either repealed, reworked to be more specific and put emphasis on prevention rather than justification. This is or should be a miss use of such a law. Not used to justify deadly force when you are the one provoking the confrontation by your action.  Zimmerman provoked confrontation, and he is not held accountable.

What if the victim was gay? Could this had been considered a hate crime?  Or a stand your ground justification?.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Medley: Selena Gomez - Come & Get It

Yesterday was the first Sunday I was not on call since September.  I honestly was not sure what to do last night when I came home from work!  I usually wait for the pager to go off! Normally don't have to wait for long. I was still back up for my replacement. He only needed to call once.   For the next few weeks I will still be working with my replacement, orienting him to the Hospital, and various procedure and such.  My hours will then move to daytime during the week! I will still be on call two nights per week.  Progress!

An historic event for the LGBT community as a whole, last week Queen Elizabeth quietly signed into law the British Bill legalizing  Same Sex Marriage! Progress for our community, there is hope.  Conversely there is a law being strengthened in Russia punishing those who are gay! So sad, the hate continues. 

This weeks song is by Selena, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Call One Night

One evening I was called to the Emergency Room at one of the Hospitals I serve.  It was for a patient who was involved in what is called Intimate Partner Violence. (IVP) This patient was very emotional, and would not talk about his experience, including cooperating with the Police.   They thought the Chaplain could help him calm down and bring comfort.  Instead, the thought of the Chaplain's presence made him nervous. I almost did not speak with him because of his nervousness.   That is until he actually met  me and we started talking, I was able to put him at ease. 

He said he was afraid the Chaplain would judge him and his lifestyle as a gay man.  Would lay the blame for his IVP situation on him. He said when he saw me and began to talk with me he felt I was different from his experience with "religious people"  HOW SAD that is. What a shame.   Instead of bringing comfort, the experience is judgment and hate.

At least there was a different experience for this patient. I'm thankful fro being enabled to be in the right place at the right time...a divine appointment?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Medley: Zedd - Clarity (feat. Foxes)

Yesterday I began orienting the new Chaplain for Sunday's .  I still did on call last night, and it was a tough one.  I had four calls to the Emergency room. I did not get much sleep.  The song for today is Clarity hope you enjoy it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Scoped Out

Yesterday I was in the grocery store, in a hurry as usual.  As I walked in I noticed three guys together shopping. One had some kind of bag on his shoulder, they were looking at fruit.  I was in a hurry so I walked on by to the back of the store to do my shopping.  Several times in the store I found myself where one or more of these guys was shopping.

On the last row, it was just the four of us in the isle, the first two of them turned and said hello to me.  That is when the one with the shoulder bag crossed my path made eye contact with me, winked and said nice! Of course I returned the complement, which was an honest return since he was a nice looking guy. 

Then once I was in the check out line, the guy left his buddies in the other line and joined me in my line. We made small talk, I wish now I had asked for his number or offered him mine. After all that kind of thing rarely happens to me! Oh well, lost opportunity.  Maybe I will run into him again?

All the same its nice to be noticed!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Medley: I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot with lyrics

Another Monday, the start of a new work week. My prayer is with those involved in the jet crash, the injured, the investigators.  My prayer is also with all the Federal workers who are beginning weekly furloughs this week, the grid lock in Congress is now impacting individual lives where it hurts.  Both parties are at fault, but the Tea party is particularly to blame, since they refuse to compromise or move one inch.  This song is for them!

On another note, my Sunday replacement begins this week!  It will be a relief to give up one on call night, a twenty four hour shift at that.  I will still have to cover next Sunday, and "supervise" for the next few weeks. 

Hope you enjoy the song

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Thoughts

On call last night was uneventful, which can be good for the patients.  There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind today.  Rather eclectic. 

First, I am pleased with the Supreme Court rulings on Same Sex marriage.  That gives me some hope for the future.  Its nice to know there are some legislators who are embracing the rulings and making preparations for the future legislation in regards to this issue. Its a good thing.

On relationships, and friendships. No matter close or not, work related, or personal,  always seem to be complicated in some way. But nothing real in life worth anything is ever simple.  Especially where love is involved. And unrequited love is such a painful bitch! One of my prayers is not to experience this again in my life, but that is the risk one takes when opening up to another person.  It can be worth the risk.  I don't regret taking the risk either.   I still hope one day to find that special someone, if that person exists. If not well  I have friends in my life to whom I offer and give love no matter what. Who I could never turn my back on, who are worth the struggles of relating and  their love is returned. True friends in your life can be like family, the family you choose.

I read a quote today, "Friends can be lovers, but lovers are not always friends" there is truth in that.

Wow does that sound mushy or what?  

On a lighter note, my plans for starting classes are in motion, I have a meeting this next week with the Admissions Director to discuss the classes I plan to take this school year, and the financing, also possible aid sources.  I plan to take a class on campus the fall semester, I think that will give me a good start, the winter semester will be online.  That will save me the trouble of winter travel. 

My roommate and I will be moving to a new place in another part of town in about a month.  I hope this new place will be a better experience for us than where we are now.  Especially maintenance wise. The one thing I will miss about this complex, is the lake, trees, wildlife and peaceful setting.  But I won't miss the parking issues, water leaks, out of date appliances, and HVAC.  Unfortunately idiot neighbors are every where. 

Well I think that is enough thought letting for one post.
Happy Saturday!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth !!!


This year the Gay Community can celebrate the Supreme Court rulings in favor of Same Sex Unions! May we one day be truly free to marry, in  religious or civil unions.  I understand there are bills being prepared to extend federal benefits for those in same sex marriages.  I hope they pass.

Today is a day to celebrate FREEDOM! 


God bless America 4th of July song

Monday, July 1, 2013

Today is My Sister's Birthday A Birthday Monday Medley

Ok I won't say the number, but today is my sister's birthday. She is an avid  blogger, reader,  picture taker and poster, nature lover and gardener.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday