Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Call One Night

One evening I was called to the Emergency Room at one of the Hospitals I serve.  It was for a patient who was involved in what is called Intimate Partner Violence. (IVP) This patient was very emotional, and would not talk about his experience, including cooperating with the Police.   They thought the Chaplain could help him calm down and bring comfort.  Instead, the thought of the Chaplain's presence made him nervous. I almost did not speak with him because of his nervousness.   That is until he actually met  me and we started talking, I was able to put him at ease. 

He said he was afraid the Chaplain would judge him and his lifestyle as a gay man.  Would lay the blame for his IVP situation on him. He said when he saw me and began to talk with me he felt I was different from his experience with "religious people"  HOW SAD that is. What a shame.   Instead of bringing comfort, the experience is judgment and hate.

At least there was a different experience for this patient. I'm thankful fro being enabled to be in the right place at the right time...a divine appointment?


Rick Modien said...

Wow! Great story, Topper.
Is it possible this man saw the true kindness and compassion and love of God for the very first time through you?
Yes, it's a shame how some so-called Christians mess up religion and God's love. Ironically, they think they're doing the right thing. If only they knew.

Topper said...

That is a very nice way of looking at his acceptance of my offer of support. I do not believe in coincidences, right place, right time, right purpose. Perhaps I peaked his "gaydar" and he figured I was safe. Either way I was able to support him.