Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My thoughts on the Aquittal

For a week now, I have held back sharing my thoughts on the Zimmerman acquittal.  No particular reason, other than not appearing to give a knee jerk reaction.  I have to say, I was disappointed that he was not found guilty of at least Manslaughter. 

Here are my reasons, first he was told when he called the police NOT to follow this young man. There was no evidence or indication Martin had committed a crime.  Zimmerman provoked the confrontation by following and most likely following too closely.  In my opinion, shared by others I have talked with, Zimmerman most likely was looking for trouble, a confrontation because he was carrying a weapon. He took authority he did not have.

I don't care if he was neighborhood watch, had a permit to carry a weapon, he should NOT have been carrying a deadly weapon on watch.  Neighborhood watch is that...WATCH and REPORT not intervene. Again there was no crime in progress where intervention was needed. When he called police he fulfilled his responsibility.  This was completely preventable!  His not guilty verdict, does not hold him accountable for his negligence in this senseless death.  What a waste!

In my opinion, Stand your ground laws should be re-evaluated, and either repealed, reworked to be more specific and put emphasis on prevention rather than justification. This is or should be a miss use of such a law. Not used to justify deadly force when you are the one provoking the confrontation by your action.  Zimmerman provoked confrontation, and he is not held accountable.

What if the victim was gay? Could this had been considered a hate crime?  Or a stand your ground justification?.

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