Thursday, August 30, 2012


Please excuse my absence from the blogoshere of late.  With the move and work schedule, I have not had much time for blogging.  Yet my mind races with things to blog about, so over the next few days I will attempt to blog these.

First, there is work!  My work schedule is crazy, I have been asked by more than one person how I keep track of it and how I do it.  The only answer I have is, I just do it.  Then usually pay a price for privately, either by not being available or physically able to do something I would like to. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a couple of good friends who seem to be able to get me out and about when I really need it. My work hours are either feast or famine, right now I'm in a "feast'... but  I am sooo tired. Last night was the first night in several weeks I was on call that I did not have even one call.  However, I was up and out at the crack of dawn to work, and the pages started as I was en route.  Then it was one crisis after another up until my relief arrived. I did not have the chance to round on the patient floors. So since I had the opportunity to leave early I did,  and napped for a few hours.

This feast will continue through the weekend, with an 8 hour in house shift tomorrow, then on-call through Saturday morning.  Then two 10 hour in house shifts, ending the weekend with an on call shift.

Next week the new CPE students start so the feast will end.  I just hope to be able to maintain the regular hours I have. I also hope to be able to substitute teach some. it would be different from anything I have done, and who knows where it might lead.

Stay tuned for future issues!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Medley: I Just Can't Get Enough

Today is the final day of my lease, the final cleanings took place, I gave a whole bunch of things I don't use, have no room for at the new place.
The past few weeks have been exciting, starting a new adventure, a different place.  It has also been a little sad in some ways.  I am determined not to dwell on that.  It's time to move on from those thoughts, and experiences.  I may write more about that later.
 Hope you enjoy today's music selection.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Medley: Usher and Pending Move

Good Monday! Two more days until I move to a new apartment! I'm ready emotionally, but not particularly with everything.  I'm not making a big deal about this move. One different aspect of this move is the addition of a room-mate.  Never thought I would have a room-mate, but I believe this is the right person for me to share an apartment with. The right time and so forth.

Today, I want to share a song by one of my favorite performers... Usher.  I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gay Marriage and the Episcopal Church

As a Christian who happens to be gay, I follow with great interest anything denominational organizations say or vote on pertaining to equality for the GLBT community. Three such declarations have occurred this summer.

First, the Presbyterian USA General Conference debated and voted against changing language in favor of same sex unions. Well since the local Presbyteries must ratify it, and then can interpret the rule according to majority vote.  I don't think it makes much difference.

Second, the Methodist Church at its General Conference, decided not to change anything about its policy toward the GLBT community. They even strengthened policy to state that the local churches cannot vote to or publicly disagree with Church policy. If I read the statement correctly.

Then there is the Episcopal Church, which recently approved the official blessings of Same Sex Unions. This denomination was one of the first to ordain women, the first to have an openly gay Bishop. This church is on the cutting edge of cultural change and acceptance. I think they seek to be faithful to Biblical teaching in regards to what is truly important. Model the acceptance Jesus Christ sought to bring.  They are one of few denominations who are open to our community.  Perhaps will have the opportunity to reach our community.  If I were not already credentialed and it was not such a long road to change, I might make a move. I applaud the Episcopal Church welcoming the opportunity to minister to the LGBT community.

Again same sex marriage is about love between two men or two woman who make a family.  I am glad they have done this. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Memoriam: Marvin Hamlisch

If you ever doubted to power and impact one person can have in this world...Think of this one man.  he gave us  music that has shaped our musical world, the music of movies.  He gave us memories.

As another famous entertainer use to sing "Thanks for the Memories"

The music of Marvin Hamlisch

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its All About Love

Love is patient, love is kind, is not jealous, love does not brag, is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly, it does not seeks its own... Abide Faith, Hope, Love but the greatest of these is LOVE.
I Cor 13: 4,5,13.

The greatest most lasting thing in life is love. The love of a parent for a child, love between friends, romantic love, God's love for His created, the love God gives for us all.. True love does not propagate hate.  The hate that kills a group of people because they are "different." Hate that denies rights because one is "different."

The issue of Gay Marriage has been made to be a religious issue, a political issue, I believe a hate issue...religious bigotry and hate. Marriage is a human institution, God created man and woman, NOT the institution of marriage. 

The root of marriage is supposed to about LOVE and a commitment. If a same sex couple loves each other enough to want to make that type of official commitment...they should be able to. I thank God a couple gay or straight does have to be married to love and be committed to one another. Not being able to marry is not going to stop the commitment. its about a relationship.

I found a video i want to share, its not about gay marriage but what god's love and faith are supposed to be about.

Love is about relationship, God's love is about a relationship with Him.  Not a set of rules to follow, or a particular organized group to belong to.  Its about LOVE

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Medley: Big House

Happy Monday! Its raining here, blah rainy Mondays.  I just finished what I call a marathon of work hours.  Many hours, which is good since I need the hours, and I enjoy the ministry. It can be draining, and the last 3 days have been very draining.  But today is for self care.

today's song is from the Christian rock group Audio Adrenalin. I love most of their music and find meaning in it. Although this group is no longer together, their music is relevant.  I hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicken and Gay Marriage

Well since I posted my thoughts about Chik Fil A (CFA) seems more has been publicised about the CEO's comments.  There are protests of support and counter protests. In certain parts of the south, folks have responded to a call to show support for CFA, others have responded to a call to counter protest.  In Atlanta its known as the kissing protest.  I am not aware of very large crowds in the CFA's around here.  Though news reports stated business as brisk. There are no reports thus far of counter protests at local stores. RATS, I was hoping there would be a show of support reported around here for gay marriage.

As for me, I have not bought anything from CFA since the statement was made. Partly protest, partly other reasons. A comment was made on my last post (see Eat More Chikin 07/29) about CFA's financial support of legislation against equality. That was very true.  So why should I spend my hard earned dollar with a company that is using that dollar to support groups that lobby for laws that limit my rights as a gay man? 

I have decided  to forgo my weekly  run to CFA for the foreseeable future. I will spend that part of my self care dollar elsewhere. I don't think I can enjoy a CFA meal again anytime soon.

No one should be forced into a corner over another persons belief system! No one should have religion in any form shoved  (excuse me) legislated down their throat.  THIS IS THE UNITED STATES AFTER ALL!!!  Its 2012, we have blended families, married, not married, what constitutes a family has been redefined. A group of friends living together is a family, Extended family living together is a family (unit) and I could go on.

If any couple gay, str8, or whatever love each other enough to make a marriage kind of commitment, be it civil or religious why stop them?  The far right tea party group (and those like them) is creating an atmosphere of fear, hate, more fear and hate. I hope the silent majority will soon speak up and out. Especially get out and vote!

Wow I am meandering on about this issue.  I invite you to comment, (with civility) I also invite you to join me in spending your Chicken dollars elsewhere. Perhaps one day I will be able to legally marry and have it accepted in all 50 states. At least that is my hope, if not for this generation or my life time, but for those in the future.

By the way, legal marriage is a  creation of man.  Creator God did not create the human institution of marriage with all its earthly responsibilities, commitments, and benefits.