Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Medley: Your Love

Good Monday to you.  We had snow over the weekend, about an inch, enough to snarl traffic for hours.  This week its supposed to be near 70 degrees!  A saying in Tidewater, don't like the weather? Wait a minute, it will change! 

This week the Dow could hit 14000! The S&P is over 1500, they say we are on track for the best January for stocks in several years.  How far can the rally go?  We will see what happens.  I think much depends on the Jobs report, and continued good earnings reports Plus the cliff?.  The downside is what this does to the bond market.  That's the market for you!  Diversify is the name of the game.

Today's music an older song, Your Love Is My Drug

hope you enjoy

Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Anniversary

This past week there was an anniversary. It marked the first year of the passing of my Mother. I did not do anything special.  I am doing well with everything, better than I thought I would be. The first anniversary of the death of someone special in your life is significant.  One should be on his or her way through the stages of grief to what is referred to a new normal. I am not sure where I am in that process.  Though things seem to be "better" life will never be the same. Holidays will never be the same.  Life does march forward though and one must move forward with it. 

I think of Mom often, I imagine that will continue, and I am fine with that.  It's not being stuck in the past, but the past does inform our present.  So my journey continues, the memory of my mother in the back of my mind. Life will go on, I carry on. Its what we do. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am off. Not really doing much though, and its cold here, but not like other places though. 

DoMa so I understand that the Supreme Court is going to hear a case concerning the Defense of Marriage Act.  I am glad and hopeful for a result in favor of same sex unions.  In fact I am praying for a good result. 

Who is out? They say the percentage of the population that is LGBT is around three.  But that is the percentage of those who identify as LGBT.  Many more do not identify themselves publicly.  So you see that percentage is obviously much higher. 

It is my belief,  as acceptance of the LGBT community increases , those in our community will feel more comfortable  in being out.  At least in theory.  

Fiscal Cliff,  Just not seem to be going away! Our congress is not accomplishing much.  But they have not done much in awhile.  I hope soon!

The Plan,  This year I have developed plans for my giving, saving/investing, and spending.  Rather than a plain budget, I have broken it down to specific items to purchase, and savings/investing goals It pays to have a plan.

Seminary,  Application is completed, now waiting for the file to be completed. 

Finally Snow? They are calling for snow here tomorrow night. I am on call tomorrow night!  Please Lord NO!  I am afraid of ice. I will be praying for no snow, no ice, or no calls.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Medley: Champion

Happy Monday! Good Martin Luther King Day to you.  Hope you have a Holiday today and enjoy it if you do.  Stop to reflect on the contribution to Equality made by Dr. King.  Pray for all those seeking to make a difference , to "champion" equality in the 21st century!

Today's song is by the Script with Will I am The Champion!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Go With The Gut Feeling!

Well I did not go with my gut feeling and I should have. Several Posts ago, I talked about a date I had. I said then I did not think he was the one.  So I thought I would try and be friends with him.  After spending sometime with him, I knew this would not work.  He was too nervous, afraid someone would "know" we are gay. Everything to be secretive, it seemed.  I continued to text and call, trying to be a friend.  Then every time a plan was made, for a lunch or dinner, it was cancelled for one reason or another. So I got the message.

Next time I will remember to listen to my gut, something I learned to do in my work, I have to remember this in the off hours.  As the saying goes...NEXT! .

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flu Season Suggestions

We are in the middle of flu season.  It is wide spread across the land, the particular strain is not covered by the shot we have available.  In some area's it has peaked for the moment, I hope it won't become worse, but one never knows.  Plus there is an virus called Norovirus running around as well.  A lesser publicized but equally serious virus in my opinion. 

So what's a body to do?  Here are a few suggestions that might help keep from being knocked down.  First, the flu shot,  its still a good defense, if you get the flu it should help lessen the severity and length.  I have been getting the flu shot since 1996, and since I work in Hospitals, its required.

Second and most importantly is hand washing! Not enough can be said about this!    Its a good idea to wash your hands often, especially when your out and about. touching shopping carts, door handles etc.. The use of a hand sanitizer will kill the most germs, and most brands today include lotion in them. Be sure to rub your hands until they are completely dry. 

If your in and out of elevators, use your knuckle to push the buttons, this way you less likely to pick up germs and transfer them.  Again wash your hands often! In public restrooms, wash your hands warm water counting to 15.  Then use the paper towel to dry then turn off the water AND tough the door handle.

Consider increasing your vitamin intake. I am taking one of those immune boosting drinks each day I am working at the Hospital. This in addition to vitamin c, and d.  Be sure you get enough rest it also boosts your immune system.

Consider limiting your time in public places, flu is air born, if your at the mall in a crowd of people, your more likely to pick up the flu virus as well as other cold germs and Norovirus!

Right now with the flu and Norovirus around, it might be a good idea to eat at home. Again limiting your potential exposure to people and places where you  might pick up the germs. 

If you or a family member is sick STAY HOME, create a sick room, effectively quarantine the virus. treat yourself well, rest, fluids, medications.  There is healing in sleep.

Just a few suggestions that might help navigate this flu and Norovirus season.  Hope it helps!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Last Night at Work: A Second Monday Post

Over my career, I have been appreciated, encouraged, rejected, cussed out, threatened,  and even spit at.  Fortunately the cussing, threatening, and spitting are far and few between. When one works with folk who are at their worst, in a crisis, their most irrational moment, it will happen.  It's bound to happen.

Last night was one of those nights, I was called for a death.  One of the family members was completely out of control.  He had others in his family trying to help, and some wanting him to just leave.  He was inconsolable, completely irrational and of course whatever substances he had on board did not help his situation. For the first time in quite sometime, I was threatened by him when we tried to get him to calm down.  He singled me out from the other staff, one because I was the only man, second, I was viewed as the authority figure.  The doctor quickly left the situation, because he could, and he had other patient's. One of the nurses got security involved which was a very good thing.  I was glad because of the look in this guys eyes, I felt back up would be needed.

It took two security officers, his brother and other family members to "help" him leave.  The thing is he took all the attention away from other family members from being able to grieve and have time they needed. I stayed much longer than usual to be there for the staff who needed to talk and they did. Plus there were a few of the patient's family who remained.  It was an exhausting night.

Monday Medley:Gimmie More

Another Monday morning!  The second of 2013 today's Monday Medley,  Gimmie More

We are on our way into this new year.  Last week has been busy with work, and  other things going on in life.  So far Flu and gun control are the main topics of the day. I am in favor of a total ban on automatic weapons, and high volume clips. Those are made for military not average citizens. We don't live in the wild west anymore. 

As for the flu, I will write more about that in a post this  week. Just some suggestions.  I do hope for better things for us all in 2013.  I am a news junkie, sometimes its just white noise, but CNBC has a lot of interesting items that it distracts me from things I am working on. Especially, when a segment like the Santelli Exchange is on.  I love hearing his OP Ed on issues of the day. 

That brings me to something I am enjoying.  Investing through my ROTH IRA, self managed, I am a tiny investor This is in addition to my 401K at work.. I am finally to the point that I have made a plan for this year of the companies I want to buy positions in. My basic idea is to buy stock companies that I do business with or that have great potential over the long term and hold on to them These are higher priced companies I have to save to buy into.. I have made a few speculative purchases with some success, like Bank of America bought at low and recently sold at a pop in its price.  At my small volume not a lot of profit, but a return none the less.  Reinvest that in a dividend paying company and hold it for long term.  A disappointment is Zynga, which I bought because of its connection to Facebook. Still I hope it will come back up in value over the long term.  Still, I am enjoying researching the companies I am interested in and building the cash to be able to buy these.  This year the focus is on the big companies which provide products  or services I buy on a regular basis.  Do you have a savings goal for this year?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Medley Classical

Good Monday, the first of the new year.  Today I want to start the medley year with something classical, I guess the mood I'm in.  As I have said before, I enjoy all kinds of music, with the exception of most country twang stuff.  Sorry country fans!  So I am posting Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.  Hope you enjoy it it runs 9 minutes music to relax by. 

Have a great day and week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

May this year be filled with peace, hope, and love. and great things for all.
I pray this year has very little pain, grief, negativity as possible. Lets take it one day at a time one thing at a time.
In the meantime Enjoy today