Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Medley: American Authors - Best Day of My Life (Official Video)

This was a good weekend, rained but I was off most of the weekend.  I am behind on my blogging, now I have to choose what and when to blog in between work, and all the things I need to get done.

I hope we have seen the last of winter it is spring after all!  The week ahead will be a busy one but tha is normal. Hope you enjoy today's music selection.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Read, Read, Read!

In an interview the other day on CNBC, Warren Buffet made the statement that he reads many pages every week.  Between news, financial reports, professional writings he reads several hundred pages a week.  One of his assistants, and a mentee of Mr. Buffet, stated he reads about 500 pages a week.  Wow!

Now that is not to say that if you read 500 pages a week you too will be successful in business.  But it got me to thinking...

I should read more than I do, more than the news, more than what is required for any class I am taking.  Here are a few examples of  reading material I am looking for

First Spiritual, in the form of Bible and devotional reading apart from any class I am taking. I already have a few of these books to recycle in my reading.

Second, work and church related.  Possibly a general Christian/religious news magazine and a professional journal related to Pastoral Care and Counseling.

Third, a business and financial news magazine to give me ideas, guidance in my finances.

Then fun reading, mystery and other books of interest. 

Read to expand my mind, my knowledge, my opportunities.

Perhaps you have or need a reading plan?  Consider it!