Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coming Out Again Part II

Since I introduced this subject in my last post, I want to share that after much thought, and prayer. I decided it was safe, and appropriate for me to come out to the Pastor I work for. So I did! I set a meeting with him, and we sat down and I told him. It does not get any easier, especially with what might be at stake. He did not seem surprised, and we had a good discussion. He was affirming, even stated my being gay maybe part of the reason I was called to the church. "for such a time as this" The only thing he did ask is that if at some point I find myself in a relationship to let him know. So that if it were to come up he can say that he knew.

We had Session, last night. One of the conservative members of the church wrote a letter to the Session asking that there be an official response and position concerning Amendment 10A. This person would like to see the church become part of a "fellowship" of PCUSA churches being formed to "stand for Biblical standards". No action was taken, not much discussion either, I think the focus is on examining the biblical texts involved and going from there.

I have to say my gut tells me this "fellowship" of Churches could be the begining of a new Denomination. Only time will tell.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Out Yet Again! Part I

Sorry for the infrequency of posts, but life is hectic! In previous posts, I have mentioned the church I serve part time. Church work/ministry is a don't ask don't tell kind of working situation for a minister who is gay. As long as they dont know for certain it can work. You may have heard the PCUSA has past Amendment 10 A. Concerning Ordination of both Ruling and Teaching Elders. Although it does not specifically say it, this amendment to the Book of Order or Constitution, could open the door to Ordination of Gay and Lesbian Elders. It removes the marriage between a man and woman clause as well as the fidelity and chastity clause. It puts more emphasis on gifts, call, and preparation as well as making the decsion on ordination a local issue. Rather than mandating who, what, when and where. I thnk its a very good thing and could raise the bar on ordination.

Now this has caused quite a stir in the church, but my parish...not so much. That too is a good thing. It has created a dialogue particularly in the Session.(governing body) The Pastor with whom I serve is very gay friendly, as I said before we have a few members who either are gay or have family who are. Our Session has a Bible study the last 30 minutes of it's monthly meeting. For the next few months Scripture related to the issue of Homosexuality will be examined and discussed. I hope a positive consensus can be reached! Please check back for part two of this post.