Friday, July 12, 2013

Scoped Out

Yesterday I was in the grocery store, in a hurry as usual.  As I walked in I noticed three guys together shopping. One had some kind of bag on his shoulder, they were looking at fruit.  I was in a hurry so I walked on by to the back of the store to do my shopping.  Several times in the store I found myself where one or more of these guys was shopping.

On the last row, it was just the four of us in the isle, the first two of them turned and said hello to me.  That is when the one with the shoulder bag crossed my path made eye contact with me, winked and said nice! Of course I returned the complement, which was an honest return since he was a nice looking guy. 

Then once I was in the check out line, the guy left his buddies in the other line and joined me in my line. We made small talk, I wish now I had asked for his number or offered him mine. After all that kind of thing rarely happens to me! Oh well, lost opportunity.  Maybe I will run into him again?

All the same its nice to be noticed!


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Robin Larkspur said...

The Universe presents situations to us when you least expect it. Wouldn't be surprised if you run into this fellow sure to get his name and number when you do!