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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Shootings!

In the news there have been quite a few shootings that have garnered much attention in the news.  This blog is my opportunity to express my thoughts, mostly on gay issues but anything that I feel strongly about.

I have been thinking about these shootings by police officers, and what appears to be excessive use of force.  Also of shootings by citizens I hear about on the news. I am not going to get into the details of specific cases in this post.  I just want to say here in my opinion, the killings, wounding's, are part of a deeper issue that runs across our society and the world.  It has always been  there under the surface, but in the past decade or two it has become more prevalent. It has a multitude of causations,  race, general prejudices, gang violence, crime in general are talked about in the news, but not any one of these issues is the root of it all.

In my opinion the root cause is a devaluation of human life.  it runs all through our society all the way through our justice system.  To the point that someone kills another human being over a place in line and the charges are dropped, To a person who follows a young man who has done nothing wrong,  and gets into a fight with him kills him in the name of stand your ground, and is acquitted. 

It goes on. So we will continue to see this call it a racial issue, blame gangs, drugs, police overstepping authority... the root is the devaluation of life. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Call One Night

One evening I was called to the Emergency Room at one of the Hospitals I serve.  It was for a patient who was involved in what is called Intimate Partner Violence. (IVP) This patient was very emotional, and would not talk about his experience, including cooperating with the Police.   They thought the Chaplain could help him calm down and bring comfort.  Instead, the thought of the Chaplain's presence made him nervous. I almost did not speak with him because of his nervousness.   That is until he actually met  me and we started talking, I was able to put him at ease. 

He said he was afraid the Chaplain would judge him and his lifestyle as a gay man.  Would lay the blame for his IVP situation on him. He said when he saw me and began to talk with me he felt I was different from his experience with "religious people"  HOW SAD that is. What a shame.   Instead of bringing comfort, the experience is judgment and hate.

At least there was a different experience for this patient. I'm thankful fro being enabled to be in the right place at the right time...a divine appointment?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gay in The News

Happy Friday! At least for those who are off the weekend.  I hope all those in the northeast can enjoy the snow without much trouble out of it...  Yeah right!  

There have been some gay issues mentioned in the news recently I want to highlight here. 

First, in Great Britain, Same Sex Marriage moved closer to approval! The bill passed 400 to 175, but has to pass the House of Lords where the fight continues.  The bill exempts the Church of England and other faith groups from being required to perform Same Sex union services so this is a Civil marriage bill. Legal marriage none the less.  A step forward, I pray it passes all the way to the PM's desk.

A stupid bill introduced in Tennessee" Don't Say Gay" would require teachers to report to parents any student  who confides they are gay. This law is meant to restrict sex education in schools.  Fortunately this bill is doomed. It keeps being reintroduced, so I hope it never passes.

The Boy Scouts, are at least discussing repealing their ban on gay members and leaders. I doubt it will lead real change. 

Lake County school District in Florida is considering cutting all student clubs in order to block the formation of a Gay Straight Alliance club at one of its middle schools.  The extreme measure taken to discriminate and perpetuate hate. Think of the positive impact a club like this could have on those involved. But I would think that way!

So we have the good, the bad and the just plain stupid  in the news


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Wrong Question to Ask!

Several days ago I made mentions of a problem with my planned application for graduate study.  Well here are the details...I found an online degree program that had everything I was looking for. it was affordable too. I even discovered my employer provides $2500 a year in tuition reimbursement for my job classification! So I was all set to apply, reading through the online application, I discovered a problem.  There are a series of questions, petty standard like have you been convicted of a felony, are you a citizen, then the question I just do not like or want to answer.  In fact I will not answer, and will not be applying to this school or other schools that ask this question.

The question;  Have you EVER engaged in Heterosexual misconduct or Homosexual behavior? i.e. engage in sex, going to gay clubs, gay chat rooms, talked about gay issues, basically are you a homosexual?  Say what??  Let that one sink in a minute....  and I thought don't ask don't tell was alive and well in the church.  Not the SBC.

Now it crossed my mind to answer the question with a NO.  However, that would be putting myself back in the closet, it would be a lie and counter productive.  Now I also thought about saying yes, but this also would be counter productive.  I am certain it would disqualify my admission and could get back to my home church.  I do not want to confirm any one's suspicions.  Then also I don't think its any one's business what my sexual preference is.

Not only do they basically ask about one's sexuality, to out oneself, they couple it with a misconduct question!  That's the SBC for you. They firmly believe people like me are hell bound, regardless!  Not gonna move them on that one either.  I checked another SBC seminary and it had the same series of questions.  I am disappointed at this, but not going to let it stop me.  I will find a school where its not important. 

A friend sent me a link to United Church of Christ seminaries, since they are open and affirming. I'm looking at them, along with a couple of more liberal seminaries here in my state. Two offer a combination of online and on campus options. The Online option is important to me.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I will continue this discussion in future posts. 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Transgender Rembrance Day 2012

In honor of Transgender Remembrance Day.  Let us all think of those who have been killed or injured  simply for being Transgender.  For daring to be in public as they view themselves.   For seeking recognition and love as they are for who they are.
Let our community continue to stand against this kind of  discrimination, and hate.  Please take a moment and pray for those who seek to be true to who they are.
Anti gay hate crimes and discrimination need to be included in all non discriminatory laws.

Lets stop the hate!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hate Mail...Really?

From the beginning of my very first blog post I knew I might draw negative comments from time to time.  Which I have, and I do not post those unless it adds something to think about. Its one thing to disagree, express your opinion, but totally another to be disagreeable and express hatred.  Those kinds of comments are always deleted, never posted. Especially when its from an anonymous source!  If your going to leave a hateful comment at least have the guts (I really wanna say balls) to own your words.   Sometimes its an email, I do not respond to these as there is no room for dialogue. It would accomplish nothing. 

The series of posts on relationships I just completed, has elicited a few responses mostly positive emails, but a couple of negative and down right hateful comments. Now I welcome all comments, I enjoy the dialogue with people.  Sometimes I hear a viewpoint that helps me greatly or at least gives me something to think about.   I draw the line at hate mail, I will not listen to or dignify with a response someone calling me or people who might read this blog names, and telling me I am cursed. Or that I need to repent, and receive healing, seek "re-parative therapy".    One asked how someone like me can do the work I do without bringing condemnation to everyone I meet. There is no room in my life for hate. These from folk who call themselves christian. I won't judge you as you have judged me. God is our judge, and I resist the urge to preach at you through this blog, but I ask you how is that bearing fruit for the Lord and making a difference in a life? How is that edifying? The Scripture says "you shall know them by their LOVE"

My relationship posts talk about love, its often a thread of commonality that runs through the kinds of relationships I spoke about.  Love is created by God, God is love, not hate.

Well enough said about this, I could write more but I will save that for my journal.  I like my posts to be about positive things or at least how I'm dealing with negative aspects of this life.

Again I welcome your comments and emails, I enjoy the dialogue.  If you have some positive insight or a question please submit a comment or email.