Friday, April 17, 2015

The Shootings!

In the news there have been quite a few shootings that have garnered much attention in the news.  This blog is my opportunity to express my thoughts, mostly on gay issues but anything that I feel strongly about.

I have been thinking about these shootings by police officers, and what appears to be excessive use of force.  Also of shootings by citizens I hear about on the news. I am not going to get into the details of specific cases in this post.  I just want to say here in my opinion, the killings, wounding's, are part of a deeper issue that runs across our society and the world.  It has always been  there under the surface, but in the past decade or two it has become more prevalent. It has a multitude of causations,  race, general prejudices, gang violence, crime in general are talked about in the news, but not any one of these issues is the root of it all.

In my opinion the root cause is a devaluation of human life.  it runs all through our society all the way through our justice system.  To the point that someone kills another human being over a place in line and the charges are dropped, To a person who follows a young man who has done nothing wrong,  and gets into a fight with him kills him in the name of stand your ground, and is acquitted. 

It goes on. So we will continue to see this call it a racial issue, blame gangs, drugs, police overstepping authority... the root is the devaluation of life. 


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