Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Shooting by a Volunteer Police Officer

The news has been buzzing with yet again another police involved shooting.  This time by a 73 year old volunteer deputy in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  This deputy mistakenly used his gun instead of his stun gun.

I have several thoughts about this situation, and this is my space to put them out there.  First, with the way things are, police work being inherently dangerous, I do not believe volunteer officers should be on street patrol, leave that to the professionals, There are places they can serve in the department that could better serve the community.  Second, No reserve officer should ever participate in a sting operation, again leave that to the professionals. 

Now I am not one for age discrimination however, Police work is stressful, physical, and requires alertness and use of all faculties.  At his age and training I question the wisdom of his being a gun carrying street patrol officer especially being involved in a sting, and  foot chase. 

Speaking to his use of his gun, instead of his stun gun, besides his apparent lack of experience, the danger and stress of the situation plus again his age, I have to wonder about his mental awareness. 

Does he have a history of stroke, heart disease, dementia etc..  These are just my thoughts about the situation. 

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