Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sounding Off

The tragic events of the week are on my mind this morning. As I watched the search and arrest unfold on TV last night, I had enough.  I turned to Netflix and watched something else. The loss of life and limb is so senseless, but  it always is. 

One of the reports talked about the perpetrators posts on Social media. Looking for what caused them to be radicalized and carry out terror.  A comment by one of the brothers  was reported, he apparently said he had enough of this country.  If so my response to that... this is the USA, its a free country.  He was free to leave and go somewhere else.  If indeed he did not like it here,  he was free to go where he would like it. However, I know its not that simple.  At least the one at large suspect is now in custody. 

The tragedy in Texas, all I can say is I pray for the families and all those effected by the plant explosion.  I hope the investigation will help present something similar in the future.

Two tragedies that effected two entire communities this week.  


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