Friday, April 5, 2013

Good News To Share

So I'm sitting at a stop light in a little place called Phoebus.  The phone rings and its a Richmond area number.  The person on the other is the Director of Admissions of the School I applied to.  After exchanging pleasantries, she congratulates me on my acceptance to the MTS program!  Needles to say I am very pleased and relieved! 

This morning I took the next step and filled in the confirmation form for my acceptance and paid the fee, (which will be applied to my tuition)  so its official!!!

Next I will make an appointment with the Admissions office to go and map out my degree plan and financing.  There will be a written plan to follow, I will be attending on a part time basis.  Since I am in ministry. From what I understand a new schedule is in the works, one that is more friendly to people in my position. They call it a hybrid schedule, which includes online and an on campus class schedule which allows the student to come to campus one day a week and take  classes they need.

The only wrinkle in my plan is they do not allow clinical classes in the program I have been accepted to..  However, I am looking at what closely related classes can be taken as electives.  My Clinical Pastoral Education Units will not transfer, which is actually better since the Association of Professional Chaplains would not count them toward certification. 

Perhaps when they retool the Master of Divinity, I may re-visit that degree program so I can add clinical courses.  For now I am happy with the direction things in my life are taking. 

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