Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Day Prayer Service

Today we had an Earth Day Prayer Service which I was asked to formulate and lead.  The resulting program although short, hit the mark! I was pleased that those who asked me to prepare the service were pleased! I share the program here with you.

Genesis 1:1, 26
For The Beauty of the Earth V.1
Psalm 139:13-17
Prayer of Thanksgiving
For The Beauty of the Earth V.2
Romans 8:18-22, 25 
Beatitudes for Stewards of Earth by Father Ed Eschweiler  
·        Blessed are they who understand that creation is like a beautiful tapestry, with every strand depending on others.
·        Blessed are they who see the beauty of Earth as a reflection of the beauty of God, who creates
·        Blessed are they who do not waste or spoil Earth's resources, which are for everyone, even those not yet born
·        Blessed are they who reverence all created things as sacred: in God's eyes all creation is good.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the air--the breath of God and the Spirit of our life.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the life-giving waters that sustain the Earth's climate and nourish Earth's inhabitants.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the soil that supports our homes and our footsteps and yields abundant harvests.
·        Blessed are they who reverence the trees and other plants that call down the rains, stabilize the soil, and freshen the air.
·        Blessed ore they who reduce what they consume, re-use what they can, and recycle what they can no longer use.
·        Blessed are they who praise God the Creator in their reverent and gentle use of all things on Earth.
 For The Beauty of the Earth V.3
Prayer of Commitment
Father we come before your throne today to commit our lives to the care of your creation. You gave us the earth to use and be stewards of. Now please give us your wisdom to honor you by not abusing what you have created.  Please give us your guidance in doing all we can to restore your creation and use it as you meant it to be used for all generations.  Amen


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