Sunday, October 27, 2013

Church Today

Once a month now, I am visiting a church of a different denomination.  Mostly I am looking for different Worship experiences, but also looking at the possibility of finding a denomination where it my sexuality and being a minister/chaplain would not be an issue.

Today, I visited an Episcopal church close to home.  This particular Parish has been on my list since it  is listed on the website, as being an open and affirming congregation. Also, the Episcopal Church, ordains gay Priests, Deacons, and Bishops.  I enjoyed the service, it was very different from what I am used to.  I did not stay for the Eucharist, or Communion since I am not Episcopalian.  The Sermon was brief, (nothing wrong with that) and spoke to me in that the Rector talked about singing the song that is in your heart, and singing it loudly.  He made the point our individual song are the gifts, and talents we have within us.  Let them out of us and use them to the glory of God. I left after the offering was taken and they were singing the offering Hymn. 

I may visit here again sometime. Next month I am thinking of visiting a Disciples Church.

Tomorrow's Monday Medley will be the annual Halloween edition.   

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