Friday, June 6, 2014


Back in the early days of Chaplaincy work, when I had a hard day or night in the Hospital, I often would put this song on in the car on the way home and I would crank it up.  Some how it got out of me what I was feeling or thinking.  I can't explain it, it just helps me. (I have written about this before)  Especially when a family member says "I wish I could tell him/her I love him/her.

A week ago today, there was a multiple shooting in the area.  Two of the victims were police officers responding to help.  One of them died as a result of his wounds. One victim killed, was a 17 year old just driving down the street.

I was at the Hospital with the family and officers there, when the news of his death was reported to them. All I can say here is the entire experience from the Trauma bay to the OR area was intense.  Perhaps the most intense I have experienced in this ministry, at least in a while.

It has impacted me all week, one problem was the fact I had very little down time afterwards.  I was on call with other calls afterward, and worked straight through to Tuesday.   I would make visits and answer calls, but afterward, be exhausted.

Crisis and situations though not mine, still has effects, physical, spiritual, and emotional.  Its been tough, but its better now and will be better even tomorrow.  Good self care is key to good health for a helping professional.

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