Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday This and That

Its the last Saturday of the month, its Labor Day weekend.  As usual its truly a Labor weekend for me, I was on call last night and had calls, so I worked.  Monday, Labor Day I will be covering the Trauma Center in our area during the day, at least I won't be on call! Today and tomorrow I am off and going to relax!  Of course church on Sunday, but what church? mine or visit another? Decisions.

The weather has been unusually cool for our area for this time of year. I like it, but I hope we don't pay for it later.

Gay in the news!  Some exciting developments this week:
  • First, Wal-Mart is extending benefits to the same sex partners of its employees, that is good news.  Makes me want to shop there more!
  • Second, the Treasury Department is going to allow deductions/exemptions for same sex partners (married/civil) no matter whether the state in which they reside has legalized same sex marriage.  This is due to the Supreme Courts overturn of parts of DoMa!
  • In addition to this, a California federal Judge has ruled that the Department of Veterans Affairs can not ban married same sex couples from receiving benefits their heterosexual counterparts now receive. Again thanks to the Supreme Court ruling. 

  • Lastly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be the first Justice to officiate at a Gay wedding.  This takes place today in Washington DC, she also hinted that next month there will be another gay wedding she will officiate.  Exciting to me! 

 Progress is being made!


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