Monday, August 19, 2013

New Jersey Law!!

There are now two states which have enacted laws banning gay conversion therapy for children. California being the first state to pass such a law.  Its a good thing to protect children, plus the reality is this therapy does more harm than anything and never truly changes anyone. In fact, there is a higher instance depression, and suicide among teens in this kind of therapy.  To tell you, at one time early in my coming out, I looked into this kind of therapy.  I am so glad I decided against it! 

Several significant points I want to make about this New Jersey law are the fact this law was signed by a Republican Governor.  Not only that but Chris Christie attached a note saying he believed people are born gay.  That homosexuality is not the sin it is purported to be by mainstream Christianity.  What a break from his party! What a break with his Catholic background. Perhaps a smart move if you want to run for President? This is a significant event!

Now I hope more states enact similar laws protecting children from this kind of "therapy" or what I consider abuse.  This is progress!

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