Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Medley, Song of Faith: White Heart - Desert Rose

Today being the Monday after Communion Sunday, I share a song of faith.  This song is one I used to listen to quite often, during what I would call the "Dark night of the Soul" time in my life.  Its an old song by a group named White Heart. Faith is something we must wrestle with, I find at times I "wrestle" with God over things, circumstances, doctrine, and life situations.  That makes faith real to me.  Its one thing to sit and listen to a preacher, or teacher  or simply read the Bible and say yep I believe that.  However, its when we question our faith, our theology, and doctrine. Its when we examine for our selves the Scripture, relating to our experience, and what the Spirit of God is whispering to our soul that we learn its reality in our heart, mind, and life.  My faith is NOT a doctrine, or a denomination, any organized religion.  My faith is a relationship. Are you struggling with an issue of faith today?

 Hope you enjoy this song and that it speaks to your spirit and feeds a need.

Look at the hair style in this video!!! LOL

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Hugh Carr said...

Awesome message by you, and an awesome song. Thanks for posting this!