Thursday, September 5, 2013

Graduate School: The Adventure Begins!

Today I attended the new student orientation for the Seminary where I will be working toward my Master's degree. It was an interesting day, finding the places I needed to be at the time I need to be there was a challenge at times.  That part was stressful, I got lost once, but made it to the place just in time.

We started out at the Morton Library, with orientation to the Library, kind of boring but information will be useful in the near future. There were introductions to the Seminary President, Dean, Registrar and financial aid representative. There were a lot of pictures taken, one of all the attendees, these pictures are to be used for advertising and promotional material. 

There was a nice lunch, where we met our Academic adviser's, and fellow students. It was a nice time.  Then the drive home! Got stuck in traffic as usual!

This semester I will travel to campus once a week, and I am taking one class this semester to start off. It will be Philosophy of Religion, which should be an interesting subject, and lends itself to the work I am currently engaged in.  

Here are two pictures of the inside of the Library. from the top floor looking down over the main lobby. and the ceiling. 


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