Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signs of Spring and a Trip to Richmond

Yesterday I was in Richmond for a few hours, and to my amazement, there was snow on the ground!  On Sunday/Monday we had rain, Richmond had three inches of snow.  It was odd seeing blooming trees, and bulbs with the white stuff on the ground.  I wish now I had the presence of my mind to take a few pictures. Alas and the blossoms I did not.  as I drove there and back, I noted the bird songs I heard, and the blossoms I saw.  Forsythia, crab apple, pear, daffodil, hyacinth to mention a few.  I look forward to seeing the azalea and dogwood blossom.

My mind was on my purpose for being in Richmond.  An interview with the Admissions Director of  graduate program I have applied for. it went well I think.  The next step is for my application package to go before the admissions committee. I do not anticipate any issues at this point.  Some exciting news is they are retooling the Master of Divinity program, pending Association of Theological Schools approval.  I may take another look at that program in the next year.  For now I'm sticking with my application for the Master of Theological Studies degree. My interviewer is suggesting I need to have a conversation with the dean concerning transfer of my Clinical Pastoral Education Units into academic credits, especially if I transfer into the new M.Div.  I will pursue this, and I hope most if not all of the credits I have will transfer into my program. 
First though is the official  acceptance into the program must be attained. .


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