Friday, March 22, 2013

Gay In The News

Another State has legalized Same Sex Civil Unions!  Thank you Colorado! This brings the number of States with some form of legalized Same Sex Unions to eighteen. The forms of approved Same Sex Unions are marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships.  Its nice to know progress is being made on this front.  Though my preference is marriage, any movement toward same sex marriage is a positive development. 

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has defended the company's support of same-sex marriage.
Mr. Schultz stated the decision to back marriage equality was not for economic reasons, but for "respecting diversity." a very good reason, I like companies who value diversity. 

Chik Fil A, an update according to various sources, the company no longer supports or lobbies against Marriage Equality.  I may reevaluate my avoiding this Chicken.

Here is a link to a Stephen Colbert comment piece on the challenge to DOMA.

Happy Friday to All

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