Friday, December 27, 2013


As we approach the end of 2013 and look to 2014, there are always articles, News pieces that give suggestions of what we should do and how to "prepare" for a new year. 

Well how does one do that?  Its not like we have a crystal ball and know what a new year will bring. No one can do that. They can look at trends and suggest where the trend might go. Sometimes that works!  This is especially true when it comes to saving and investing.  I am blessed to have a 401k type retirement plan at work.  I also have an add on CD at my Credit Union I am using as a long term fixed savings. Then there is my Roth IRA I have with a discount brokerage firm, which I usually make deposits to each pay period and as the cash grows I make investments according a plan. 

This year the stock market has grown significantly, all times highs actually, which is good for the economy and those investors who were able to cash in some profits.  However for someone like me an extremely small investor, not so much.  Higher stock prices makes it harder for me to buy shares I would like too.  Though I am a long term investor,  I buy and hold positions in companies for a long term.  Two years ago, I did buy two companies whose shares plummeted as a speculative move.  I was blessed that move paid off.  I held those positions for about a year and sold them at a profit for my ROTH. 

A mistake I made was not buying Netflix when it was at $58 at share.  I did not think the stock was going to do much.  Boy was I wrong, its sitting at over $300 a share!  Oh well that is what I mean, that no one knows what the future will be.. 

So I ask are you invested?  Do you have a saving account?  If not now is the time to do something about that. 

Stay tune for the next post. My investment plan.

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