Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting on 2013 The Year That Was.

As is a tradition, its also good to review the out going years and think of the accomplishments and perhaps disappointments of the year ending. 
This past year, 2013 has been a good year over all, not easy, no year is ever "easy."  There are ups and downs, dashed hopes and changed plans.  However, 2013 was a year of good starts and accomplishments for me personally.  Here are just a few...
1.  My job was reclassified for me in a positive way, 
2. I gained good health benefits
3. I was accepted into and started graduate school.
4. I am not on call as much, so I am sleeping better! Enjoying the sleep!
5. My schedule allows me to attend church more than in the past, so I am visiting some different churches as I can.
6. I am exercising more, walking 2 miles each day, doing stretching and some strengthening exercises.
7.  Learning more about personal investing and adapting to market conditions. 
Just to name a few main things from 2013.
Now in the news in 2013.
2013 was the year of one congressional created financial crisis after another.
2013 we have a new more popular Pope for the worlds Catholics
2013 the Supreme Court struck down part of DoMa, A victory for Same Sex Marriage
2013 saw Same Sex Marriage legalized in more parts of the world and United States.  Including France and United Kingdom.
2013 saw the birth of  a Prince in Great Britain. 
2013 saw more celebrities doing stupid things and getting away with it!  What's wrong with Chris  and Lindsay spending a few months in prison?  Perhaps they might learn something.
2013 the year the markets rallied, and the economy improved.  But too many are still unemployed and under employed! 
2013 the year of tea party republican gridlock.
2013 the year of the Twerk? the Selfie? Facebook's decline among the young. 
What will 2014 bring us?  We shall see! 

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Rick Modien said...

Good lists, Frank.
Congrats on getting more into physical fitness. Been doing some form of it for nearly twenty years, and it makes all the difference in quality of life. Keep it up.
All the very best in 2014. I hope you have an awesome one.